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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Travel Day

Wow! We're actually here in Guatemala! Praise God for His presence with us during our travel. I'm sure I speak for the rest of the group in saying that we saw the hand of God in every part of our experience; from having safe flights, to the non-problematic clearing of customs, to the interesting people we sat with on the planes. We met a Missionary's son named Kent on the first flight who shared some Spanish translations with us as well as some of his  experiences. We also chatted a bit with other members of groups that were also travelling to Guatemala for medical missions. They were general surgeons dealing with cleft palates and podiatrists and nurses. It was interesting and we felt encouraged with what God is doing in the hearts and lives of others for Guatemala.

When we finally arrived at the airport in Guatemala City, we met with Luis and his son Steve, as well as Otto our driver. They felt like family. Our drive to the B&B was a bit tumultuous (lol), but interesting as we saw the locals and their shops. Hey, there's McDonalds , Burger King and Subway.  Upon arrival to the B&B, we met Marina and her staff who graciously welcomed us into their home. We found our rooms and settled our belongings. Most of the group were energetic enough to take a walk into the surrounding town, while a couple of us remained behind and relaxed. 

I tell you, the view from the rooftop is breathtaking! We have the sky as our ceiling in the courtyard and there are pretty much no mosquitoes (hey, that was an important point for me, lol).

Finally, we had a late dinner and settled in for the night. Everyone seemed to have a good sleep and are ready for today's adventures. We are going with God.

More to come.....
Lisa C.

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