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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 3 - School Visits

        We started our day early on Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM with many activities planned for the day.  We started with a journey to the Arms of Jesus Children’s’Mission (AOJ) main campus where we began with a staff devotional service.  We sang together and shared a message of appreciation for their work as teachers.  After introductions we were given a tour of the school  where we saw the evidence of the wonderful work that is being accomplished.  AOJ’s director, Luis shared with us the vision for the future developments in the school.  While the needs are great, it was clear that the school is making a tremendous difference in the lives of the children.   We also visited the AOJ kids market where we enjoyed viewing and buying their handmade souvenirs and crafts.  
         Following our meeting at the school, we did some outreach work at a public school in Chirijuyu where we were welcomed by the school children with excitement and enthusiasm; singing This Little Light of Mine in Spanish.  Pastor Fred told a story to the children about the hope and love of Jesus.  It warmed our hearts to see the responses from these children to our visit.  Following our service, we shared gifts  of school supplies with the children and enjoyed a lively soccer game with them.   Seeing the kids’ smiling faces as we engaged with them was priceless.
        After our visit to the public school, we returned to the AOJ school for lunch hosted by Luis  and his wife Diana.  In the afternoon, we did some more work painting at the AOJ school and completing more building of the housing panels at the workshop.  Following this work, we met children to be sponsored through the AOJ and we played games with these children and received warm hugs from all of the them at the end of our time.  It was another uplifting experience for the entire team.
        To wrap up, it was an another very special day.  It’s amazing when you show love, it comes back to you many times over.  We were truly blessed today.   As Jesus said:  “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”        

David B.

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