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Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Full Day in Antigua

 This was our first full day in Antiqua.  We started off shopping in the market.  What a sight to behold: the colourful quilts, shirts, and handbags. It was a large market with lots of booths selling their goods.  Some were full of clothing and purses others ceramics, painting and leather bags.   We all had fun bartering for our treasures.  In the afternoon, we spent time at a coffee plantation.  Some of us took the full tour of the plantation while others went horseback riding on the grounds. Did you know that a coffee plant grows beans for 24 years! After that they’re replaced with new ones.  Really it was the best coffee I ever had and I normally drink tea. I’m even going to try one in the morning.
This evening we spent our time sorting all our gifts for the school and making small loot bags for the rural village we are visiting.  So now it’s off to bed we go, as tomorrow we’re building our houses and doing the food distribution. 
Buenos noches

Kathy J.

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