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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 5 – “Work Day” at the School & Workshop

     Today was a full day of work at the AOJ School, and in the workshop.  Most of the team spent the day painting the concrete wall surrounding the school grounds.  The 10 foot wall ensures safety and security for the children while they attend school.  At times it seemed there was more paint on us than on the walls we were painting.  We did manage to complete approximately 150 feet of wall.  What a difference a little bit of terra cotta & white paint makes in further transforming the school grounds into a warm and welcoming environment for learning and playing. 
     Some members of the team went to the workshop to build house wall panels with the construction staff that will be used for the next build team who arrive in May.    The group enjoyed getting to know  Julio and Rudolfo and gaining an appreciation for the work and preparation that goes into building a home.  This group was able to build a total of 16 panels (over a day and a half)  , the exact number needed to build one home. 
A visit to the Community Library where team members brought  bulletin board sets,  seasonal decorations  and miscellaneous stationery  items were welcomed by Janet, the Librarian.   Students from the local public school across the street from the library helped to decorate – they were very helpful and friendly.  New bulletin boards, a community calendar, a birthday board and several other items provided a boost of colour and excitement for the children of Parramos who use the Library.    In the afternoon, Pastor Fred shared an encouraging message of God’s Love, with 30 young children as an introduction  to the movie “The 10 commandments.”
     A Craft workshop led by members of team was held in the afternoon and attended by members of the school staff where a new craft (embroidered pin cushion) was shown.  AOJ looks for handmade craft ideas that students can make and are items which could also be sold in the AOJ kids market which goes toward supporting the mission.   This activity gives the students an opportunity to learn new skills and provides additional product ideas for the market.   For this craft, the students learned basic embroidery.   A number of other craft ideas were discussed that would sought after and valued by Mission Teams and other visitors to the school.  Students will be shown this craft on Friday.
     Team members were worn out by the end of the day, but were pleased with all that was accomplished in support of the AOJ Children's Mission.

Mike F.

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